Golframes / Posterette

Why are the only frame sizes offered 19.5x13.5 and 19.5x11.5 inches?
We have found that “executive size” framed prints are best for display and shipping. You can always order un-framed prints and frame them yourself. And, many of our prints are available in the larger un-framed size 30x20 or 30x16 inches.
What is Styrene “Glass”?
Styrene "glass" is a remarkably strong, flexible, and lightweight product that takes the place of traditional glass. We use styrene instead of glass so our products may be shipped without breaking. While clear styrene is produced through manufacturing, styrene occurs in the environment and is a natural component of many common foods, such as coffee, strawberries and cinnamon. Should you prefer glass in our framed products, the styrene is easily removed and may be recycled with other plastics.
Can I get regular glass in your framed products?
No. We only ship framed prints with Styrene due to breakage. You can always remove the styrene, recycle it and have a piece of glass cut to fit our frames.
How do I clean styrene?
Styrene is best cleaned with soap and water using a soft cloth. Do not use solvents or amonia-based glass cleaners as this will permanently fog the styrene so it will not look clear.
Will styrene scratch?
Yes. Styrene can scratch just like glass. If you ever need to replace your styrene “glass” you may have a piece cut at a local frame shop. 
Do frames come with hangers?
Yes. All framed prints come with a sawtooth hanger on the frame. A sawtooth hanger allows you to hang the frame on a single secure screw or nail. You may always install other types of picture hanging hardware. Our frames are made of composite wood and can accept screws just like any other wood product.
How do I remove a print from a frame?
Each of our framed prints are set into the frame very simply. The styrene “glass” goes in first, followed by the print, and then the cardboard backing sheet. To remove a print you must bend the flat retainer pins along the edges of the frame up toward you. There are typically two along the short sides and three along the longer sides. Once these are bent upward so the cardboard backing can be removed, carefully remove the cardboard and the print. Once removed, you can clear the styrene “glass” with a soft cloth and soap and water. never use amonia-based cleaners or solvents.
What does “Limited Edition" mean?
Golframes prints that are limited are certified to a set production quantity. If the edition is numbered it means that the print you have is a particular number of the total edition quantity. For example, 140 / 500 means that the print is the 140th print of a total of 500 printed.
Can I request a particular print number?
The print number shipped will be determined by the sequence of your order and previously shipped orders. You may inquire on the availability of specific print numbers by contacting us, but we, of course, cannot guarantee the availability because a particular number may already have been sold. 
Do limited edition prints gain value over time?
Limited edition prints typically increase in value as they get closer to selling out. And, most of the time a print will increase in value once an edition is totally sold out. This, of course, depends on how popular the print is and whether people perceive it to have a certain value. We sell limited edition prints at fair market value without any appraisal, implied or otherwise,  for the purpose of determining actual or investment values. All of our prints are considered “artwork” and are created in certain quantities. What you can be sure of is that once we sell out of an edition, it will not be printed again unless changed to a new and different version.
Is there a warranty on prints, framed or un-framed?
Our products are manufactured to be free from defects. Variations in texture and finish are normal and to be expected. No express warranty is provided for products or components. Prices displayed for all products are offered “as is”. Should there ever be an issue with the quality or workmanship of a frame, we will make it right by sending you a replacement frame or finding a solution. If a print is defective we will work with you to determine what went wrong and the best way to get it resolved. Because limited edition prints are one-of-a-kind and are numbered, they are “irreplaceable”. If a print is replaced, it can only be replaced by a new number.
Can I return a print (framed or unframed) if I simply don’t like it?
All prints are sold “as is” and, since they are works of art, we do not offer refunds or replacement except for a defect or damage in shipping. However, we want you to be 100% happy with your purchase, so you can always contact us to see how we can help resolve a situation where what you received is not up to par in your eyes.  
What are the frames made of?
We use renewable wood composite for our frames. These frames are durable and manufactured from recycled wood fiber. The surface and sides of frame sections feature a Canadian Walnut finish. Canadian Walnut is a rich, warm colored wood. The finish of our frames show the rich wood grain and color of Canadian Walnut without using actual hardwood from forests. If you prefer other frame types, remember you can always order un-framed prints and handle framing in your neighborhood.
Can I order special, custom sizes of prints?
We do not offer sizes other than those shown with each product on the website.
How are the prints numbered?
Most prints are numbered by hand after printing. Numbering is typically done by pencil.
Are all prints signed?
No. The only prints that are signed are those specifically described as being signed.
How are the prints signed?
Prints that are described as being signed are typically signed in pencil by the author or artist.
Do prints come with a certificate of authenticity?
Some prints are shipped with a certificate. Certificates are only provided with products that specifically indicate a certificate will accompany the print. We do certify that all limited edition prints, whether numbered or not, are limited to the quantity of the edition as described. 
How are prints printed?
Our smaller prints  (those measuring 17x9 and 17x11) are created with a process known as electrostatic laser printing. Original artwork is mastered into digital files and then prepared for printing. Quality paper is fed one sheet at a time through a special printer that aims a laser beam back and forth over a negatively charged roller that is coated with pigments. Four colors are used. They are the same colors are make up traditional lithographic printing. These are cyan (blue), magenta (red), yellow and black. The roller transfers the pigments to the paper and heat is used to bond the color to the paper. Printing is accomplished at very fine resolution involving thousands of individual dots per square inch. Our larger prints (those measuring 30x16 and 30x20) are printed using high resolution ink-jet prints with UV resistant inks that help prevent fading. 
Will prints fade over time?
All printing, especially lithograph printing using printing inks, fades with exposure to ultraviolet light (sunlight). This is why we do not use traditional lithograph printing. We use two forms of printing (electrostatic and inkjet) that help reduce fading. The best thing you can do to prevent fading is to not hang prints in direct sunlight. You can also use UV reducing glass or plastic if you have prints framed, or if you replace the styrene glass that comes with our framed prints. 
Will prints be ruined if they get wet?
Yes, all prints may be damaged if they are subject to water. If your print is damaged by water the best course of action is to contact an archival restoring company who specializes in repairing artwork, prints and books.
What paper is used for the prints?
Smaller prints (those measuring 17x9 and 17x11) are printed on 65 lb. cover weight vellum finish heavy weight paper. The paper is natural white in color, meaning it is a very light cream color. This natural white color reduced glare and was chosen for its traditional quality. This paper is low in acid content which assists in prolonging the archival duration of the print. The paper is not archival quality, meaning that it will age and yellow slightly as it gets older. All paper, even archival quality paper, is subject to some degree of aging and yellowing. Larger prints (30x16 and 30x20) are printed on 32 lb. text weight in white, smooth finish. Large print paper has been selected based on our experience with framing projects and the best choice of paper for the high resolution inkjet printing process used.
How is my order packaged?
Framed prints are bubble wrapped and then sandwiched between corrugated protection sheets. This is then shipped in a flat box or stiff mailer. Un-framed small size prints are usually sent flat in stiff mailers unless they are combined with large un-framed prints. Un-framed large prints are shipped rolled in protective mailing tube boxes.
What shipping service will be used?
Orders are shipped using UPS, US Post Service or FedEx depending on your address and what service you request. All shipping is insured against damage in transit. Damage must be reported immediately to facilitate a claim.
How quickly is my order shipped?
We typically require two business days (holidays and weekends are not business days) to process orders. Many orders are shipped the same day received, but we need this time to handle orders during busy holidays and to account for orders received late in the afternoon. You can always contact us for special needs and we will do our best to accommodate getting your order where it needs to go when you need it there.
Can I buy your prints in retail stores?
There may occasionally be a retail store that has some of our prints, framed or un-framed. There may also be an antique or print dealer who has one of our prints for sale as a used item. There are no retail stores that carry our full line of prints. Not Cake is the only source for all prints and sizes.
Can I buy your prints on line at other websites?
There may occasionally be a website that has some of our prints, framed or un-framed. Not Cake is the only source for all prints and sizes you can find here on our website.
Where are your prints and frames made?
All of our products and the components of frames are manufactured in the United States.
Can I have a gift card included with my order?
Yes. You need to contact us directly for this service.
Can I order a gift certificate instead of deciding what to give someone?
Yes. Gift cards may be ordered here by clicking here.