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A terrific gift for the shoe collector and enthusiast. A limited edition print featuring the 2001 Tokyo Shoe Expo iconic "Bambo Heel" graphic. An original poster design by Florida Ricardo...and signed by him.

Reproduced in stark red and black, this graphic is a terrific decor for any room where shoes are worn, kept or sold.

A Posterette(TM) exclusive design from the travel/collector series.

©2010 Posterette
  • Limited Edition
  • Each Print is Numbered - Posterette prints that are limited are certified to a set production quantity. If the edition is numbered it will be shipped in sequence. The print number will be determined by the sequence of your order and previously shipped orders. You may inquire on the availability of specific print numbers by contacting us.
  • Renewable Wood Frame - Posterette uses renewable wood composite frames. These frames are durable and manufactured from recycled wood fiber. The surface and sides of frame sections feature a Canadian Walnut finish.
  • Clear Styrene "Glass" - Styrene "glass" is a remarkably strong, flexible, and lightweight product that takes the place of traditional glass. We use styrene instead of glass so our products may be shipped without breaking. While clear styrene is produced through manufacturing, styrene occurs in the environment and is a natural component of many common foods, such as coffee, strawberries and cinnamon. Should you prefer glass in our framed products, the styrene is easily removed and may be recycled with other plastics.

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